Saturday, April 28, 2007

Tuscany Soccer 2007

Both Grace and Matt started soccer today. Despite being slightly under the wheather, Gracie had a great time -- they both did.

We started at 9:30 with Matt.

Matt was so engrossed - he was instantly focused on the coach, and showed a very high level of interest in meeting the other kids and getting to kick the ball.


The U4 teams just practiced today, no game. All the kids had fun. The toughest part of the day for Matt's team was to come up with a team name. After some deliberation, they settled on, "The Black Bullets" (Erin suggested the Black Panthers, but the negative connotation threw some of the parents). Matt's going to love soccer. I've started a Flickr photo collection for the 2007 U4 season. Check back each Saturday for updated photos.


After Matt's team was done, we moved over one field for Gracie's practice. Grace hasn't been feeling well these last few days, and Erin wasn't sure if she should play today. In fact before leaving for the field, I determined that she probably shouldn't play. However, as Gracie watched Matt's team she became more and more exited to play, and by the time it was here turn we couldn't keep her away no matter how sick she felt.

Derek and Grace

I wasn't able to get as many photos of Grace and her team, the Green Aligators, because Erin had to leave and I had to step up my assistant coaching involvement during the game. The U6 division has a short practice then a game each week.

Gracie did so well. She scored three goals (only one intentionally). She got out and ran hard and, took a break as she needed to. Here she is putting on some tough defence.

Gracie Defending

I've started a Flickr photo collection of Gracie's season. Again, I'll update this each week after the game.

Thursday, April 05, 2007


I'm sitting here with Keri and Cade watching the Colorado Avalanche hockey game, and I'm watching Cade become as animated as I've ever seen him (he just put his feet on the coffee table, and his voice raised to something more than a whisper).

Keri and Cade's House

We arrived in Denver yesterday. Denver is quite a nice city, pretty, well organized, clean -- I've said to Erin several times that I could live in Denver. It's quite a contrast with the suburbs of Salt Lake, which seem to be terribly disorganized.

The kids whethered the flight alright -- Matt broke down at the end of the trip but otherwise did alright. Hannah didn't have her own seat, and so she was quite difficult to reign in. Fortunately the flight from SLC to Denver is only 52 minutes.

I've updated my Utah/Denver Flickr photo collection with some new photos.

Monday, April 02, 2007