Friday, December 28, 2007

December 28, 2007

Christmas has come and gone yet again. This year all the Melchins were in town for Christmas. We had the "12 days of Christmas" feast as usual, and also had the most complete Nativity pageant to date. My mother and father came for the festivities (as they have done for the past 10 years), and my dad took all the photos (see Flickr photoset here). Somehow I forgot my camera for both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Melchin Family Christmas 2007

Nativity 2007

Annie and Grace continue to spend every possible minute together. Grace cried herself to sleep last night after Annie left to go back to Utah.

Grace gave a talk in Sunday School last week (the Sunday before Christmas). She spoke about the birth of Christ, and his resurrection. She stood at the podium and read her talk by herself -- all the adults came in to see her. She was great.

I've taken Matt and Grace out skating three or four times this week. They absolutely love it. By the third outing both Grace and Matt are able to balance themselves and walk/glide around the ice on their own. I took Matt out on the big ice with a hockey stick and puck. He and I passed the puck back and forth. Each time Matt passed the puck he fell over -- but he was having the time of his life. I'm hoping to get them out three or four times a week for most of the winter season.

Sean, Cade and I went skiing at Sunshine Village yesterday. The weather left something to be desired (it was cloudy most of the day, and quite cold), but we had a fun time together.

This year dad made a hardcover book of Wolff family photos and gave one to Kevin and me. The book is quite incredible, It was easily the hit of Christmas.